Our Programs

Nurturing Young Minds for the Future

As a result of funding from the Geelong Community Foundation, we are launching this new program in partnership with Meredith Primary School and support from Golden Plains Youth.

This program is aimed at youth aged 12 to 16, to teach them practical business skills for the future - focusing on planning and budgeting, building resilience and a can-do attitude.

Using the concept of a Community Garden as the basis for this program, students will be required to:

  • form a business
  • build flexible work teams
  • execute the Community Garden project from beginning to end


Equihands combines a natural outdoor environment, good food and interaction with horses to deliver hands-on learning experiences for professional, educational and personal goals.

Equihands follows a quality framework to deliver quality service to improve quality of life.

Our facilitators are accredited with a Certificate Level 4 in Equine Assisted Learning Facilitation obtained from EAQ® in the UK.

We have clearly documented procedures for safeguarding individuals and all facilitators have a valid Working with Children card.

There are currently three variations of Equihands on offer.

Equihands Youth Leadership Program

The Equihands Youth Leadership program is designed for all youth (aged 10 to 18).

The program incorporates a combination of interaction with horses, social engagement through food, and the use of virtual reality for reflections to teach youth self-awareness and self-confidence. These learning experiences support participants to develop leadership and life skills that allow them to better engage with their families, peers and communities.

Equihands for Groups

Leadership Experience

The leadership experience uses activities in an equine related environment to explore the skills most desired in a leader. As a group and/or individually, reflections of how own behaviours as a leader impact on others will be pursued.

Team Experience

The team experience uses activities in an equine related environment to:

  • explore team dynamics
  • identify with roles we play
  • practice the art of listening and communication

For Individuals

The individual experiences are one-on-one between the individual and horse/facilitator. Experiences are designed to:

  • Assist you in recognising the underlying cause of your emotions and actions
  • Facilitate a process where you are able to take accountability for own action(s)
  • Provide you with the tools to self-manage
  • Promote sustainable outcomes