Introduction to Equihands in Virtual Reality


The Introduction to Equihands in Virtual Reality session combines a mix of virtual reality videos, with the option of a follow-up face-to-face or video session, to deliver this unique experience. Whilst we cannot replicate the same experience as you would in person – this session will give you a taste of what it might be like in person.

Note: This virtual experience is only available on Android 7.1+ phones at the moment. Otherwise you can view on screen in 360 using iOS or desktop.



Do you feel the need to try something different to clear your mind? 

Try our Equihands program in virtual reality. Our introductory session gives you a sense of what Equihands is about and allows you to determine if it might be a program for you longer-term. If you do decide that it is the program for you, we set out to design a program just for you. As everyone is different, the introductory session is designed so that together we can determine what outcomes you want to achieve. We then design a customised program to suit your needs.

How does the virtual reality session work?

Add this product to your cart and checkout. We will process your order and send you a package in the mail. Read the Welcome letter and follow the instructions to watch the three (3) virtual reality videos provided. Once you have completed your virtual experience, you will have the option to book in an online zoom session or a face-to-face session. The choice is all yours. It’s that easy.

The added bonus is that you will have access to the virtual reality videos to watch anytime forever.

Here is what you will receive in your ‘experience‘ package:

  • an Equihands branded cardboard virtual reality viewer that you keep,
  • instructions for how to access your virtual reality videos on a private Youtube channel,
  • a welcome letter explaining how the online session will run and some activities for you to complete in preparation for the session, and
  • an Equihands branded mug so that we can share a cuppa together in you choose to.

As watching virtual reality videos isn’t for everyone, you have the option of viewing the videos in 360 on a screen OR in virtual reality.

What is the difference between 360 degree video and virtual reality video?

360 videos can be watched on a computer or any mobile device. You can pan around the video using a mouse or touchscreen to see a complete 360 degree view. Virtual reality videos require a viewer or special headset to give you a more ‘real’ experience. What you see will seem like 3D – almost like you can touch what is in front of you. Sometimes virtual reality can make you dizzy or feel a little bit nauseous. Therefore, we recommend that you be seated when watching virtual reality videos and that viewing is limited to no more than 10 minutes at a time.

Note: This virtual experience is only available on Android 7.1+ phones at the moment. Otherwise you can view on screen in 360 using iOS or desktop.

Still not quite sure about this Introductory Session, send us an email or give us a call on 0490 055 984 to discuss.